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Physics Demonstration Videos

A wheel and a double cone climb up an inclined plane by themselves Center of Gravity at Work
A wheel and a double cone climb up an inclined plane by themselves
Hooke's law and springs Hooke's Law and Springs
Hooke's Law states that the extension of a spring is in direct proportion with the load or force applied to it.
Introduction and definition of forces in physics Introduction to Forces in Physics
The objective of this video is to demonstrate, by a few simple experiments, that a force is any influence on an object that changes the object's shape or motion.
The deflection of a magnetic compass needle by a current in a wire The Deflection of a Magnetic Compass Needle by a Current in a Wire
When we close the switch a current flows from the battery through the wire and the needle of the nearby compass is deflected.
Measurement of forces in physics Measurement of Forces in Physics
Measurement of forces in physics by comparison to an arbitrary agreed-upon unit
A plastic comb rubbed with a piece of wool attracts small pieces of paper A Plastic Comb Rubbed With a Piece of Wool Attracts Small Pieces of Paper
This phenomenon is called the triboelectric effect and most static electricity phenomena is triboelectric.

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